Umm guys your not active much.Everytime i check my blog,there’s like,zero comments.You guys gotta start commenting here again. I might lose my hits. Please comment here more often. Is it because of school? Or do you like the PHB better?If  you do,that doesn’t mean you should stop coming on my blog. 😐


Hey guys! Sorry i wasn’t posting much,i couldn’t figure out how to post. But here i am! Anyway, i’m welcoming you to a Valentine’s Day Contest. The contestants will write rhyming or no rhymimg valentine poems.  I don’t know how to make a voting polls,but i don’t think we really need one.You can make one if you want though.The winner will reiceve their own little Valentine poem from me. The poem will be:Roses are Red,violets are Blue,your a great friend,and a great poet too! Oh i almost forgot,here are the rules:1# The poem cannot be violent. If it is,you will be disqualified.Same thing if the poem is mean. 2# the poem has to make sense.If it doesn’t,nobody will understand and you will not win. 3# the poem must have four or more sentences or words. Then the poem will be more good and will increase your chances of winning. 4# the poem must not have bad words. This is Valentine’s Day. It has to be like sweetness. 5# even if you think the poems  are bad,don’t insult them. Just say like,”sorry its not that good,no offense.” Or something like that. 6# you don’t have to compete.Don’t strain yourself. If nobody is competing,its ok with me. Well, now that we have all the rules covered, lets go over something else. The contest starts today. It was supposed to start 1/31/10,but i couldn’t figure out how to post,but my bro helped me today. The contest ends February thirteen. The winner will come out either the day before Valentine’s Day or the holiday day. You guys can vote too,not just me. If you don’t win,please don’t feel bad. I did not make this contest to upset you,i made it for fun. Now that we have all this covered,bye!

I guess it’s a Monsters Inc. ad! Here’s a picture. Where is it? It’s nowhere. Oh, now it’s on your face!

Just kidding. Here it is:



Post Title: Boo!

Author: Director D

Text: There is a new prize in one of the “Monster” sized quests!

Image Name: booChar.png


Hi everybody! I just wanted to say,happy Veterans day! *Salutes pictures of Veterans*  If one of your family members is a Veteran,let us know! Then we can salute them! Especially the ones who…*sniffles* died. 😥 *Sobs* Well *sniffles* thats the end of my *sniffles* post… *sobs again* 😥

NOTE: I will not be on a lot, and if you found out how to read thisyou are cooland smartalrightI need the dotsI’ll do longer things for now ononly wordpress people know how to do thisI meanreallyya know?Hmmnot really ‘top secret‘ … Mailmallboredbye



Hey peeps SF here,i was wondering if you guys like me. Not like LOVE just as well…. friends. If you are wondering why i am asking  this question its because i was on the PHF chat and i’m going to tell the truth… i said SG was violent because he kept on talking about guns and that that i would not take it back….. and i’m sorry SG. Can you forgive me? Please? Its just that i was steaming mad and i wanted you to stop. I mean, sometimes I just explode in anger and say mean stuff. So any way does anybody like me?

Hey guys! Sorry i wasn’t commenting as much. I was grounded from computer. I know i know i’m only seven. But still,i can get grounded sometimes. At first i thought i was grounded FOREVER, but here i am! so if anyone’s crying becuase they think i’m gone, STOP! Because i am BACK!     here’s an example: before: 😥    after: 🙂      YAY!