Go to the blimp and click Shark Tooth. When you get there, go to the guy with the table of Coconut Milk. He will give you coconut milk. Then go to The ancient ruins; watch out for the falling coconuts! Push the bigh square rock under the vine. Then jump up, and then get onto the vine. Jump across to the roof of the building. Get the paper with some sort of codes on them. Then go inside the mouth. Jump on all the platforms until you get to the code translator. Use your code paper to break the code which is OPEN. Then go passed. Then you will reach this freaky place. Go until you reach a shark. Go over it and get the bone near all the dinosaur skulls. Go back to the golden shark and go to the platform above it. Keep jumping on all platforms until you reach a high spot. Wait until a slider comes to you, and then go on across it. Then go left. You will reach a temple sort of place. Go all the way until you reach a golden pot. Get it. Then go up the roof back to Shark Tooth. Then go all the way to Booga Bay. Then get the Native skirt. Put it on. Then go to the rock under the vine again. Go all the way up this time. Then tell the guy to mix your stuff. It makes a postion. Then go back to booga bay, and go across the water. Then feed the shark. He will fall asleep. Go across to the stranded island. Then click the guy with a beard. Lead them to the booga bay. You won the island! You also recieve 100 credits to spend in the store!