Yes, I’m back… and hello! The creators recently created a new blog post. “Someone help Hades!” He has like stuff on him.


“I need a gym” Hades explains.

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NOTE: I will not be on a lot, and if you found out how to read thisyou are cooland smartalrightI need the dotsI’ll do longer things for now ononly wordpress people know how to do thisI meanreallyya know?Hmmnot really ‘top secret‘ … Mailmallboredbye



Hi everyone! I didn’t want you all to think I was gone, so I left A short Post! btw (I had to make a new account for the stupid ads!)

Someone just left a comment on this blog saying: “I’ll come back when there is more activeness around.” So i decided to make this post… I also have some good news, and bad news.

The GOOD news.

I am coming back to PT’s blog.

The BAD news.

I won’t be active much on any of the blogs i work on.


BUH- BYE!!!!!


Theres a new post, and ad. I will post a walkthrough soon!


Looks like Binary Bard finnally came out of space!

" When I'm not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow."
Micheal Jackson Died the other day 😦  RIP Micheal!

The whole costume is leaked! Even I have it! Go to Crop Circle Inn and some people might have the costume! And guess what? The eye is leaked too! Rush to your Poptropica account today!

Hello! I am Speedy Hawk! I am new to this awesome blog! I made the new header! Tell me if you like it…

Oh, and Bony Melon– You’re not doing the header. Here, let the kids vote 😉

        (And, I made the header that she has right now…)

UPDATE: I made the new one. The one that says ‘SERIOUS FOXES POPTROPICA BLOG’ and under it it says ‘BEST BLOG FOR NEWS AND TIPS’