Welcome to Serious Foxes blog! Before you browse the site, there are some rules that we need to go over:

1.No spamming

2.No giving personal information out to someone you do not know

3.Do not give out addresses!


SERIOUS FOX: A girl that is 7 years old, likes Poptropica and Club Penguin, and lives in Illinois.

SPEEDY HAWK: A 14 year old boy that is in Tonga helping kids get water.

BONY MELON: A boy that likes Poptropica and Club Penguin. He is 11, and very funny and is an Aussie!

GREEN BONES: Also known as a1130. He is 8 and lives in California. He plays Poptropica and CP.

Cool Wing: Cool Wing lives in Washington state and is 12 years old. She is a girl and loves the Warriors Series! She wants to be a Singer when she grows up! Her other Poptropica names are Perfect Ninja and Trusty Heart. Also loves Comedy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PoptropicalThunder: A girl who is 9, loves Poptropica and Club Penguin and lives in Houston, Texas. She loves Nickelodeon and comedy.

Cheerful Goose: An 11 year old girl that loves poptropica, blogging, and drawing. She lives in Galax, Virginia.  She doesn’t watch TV much.

Maroonfire23: Also konwn as GB (Short for Goldenbutterfly), this 10-year-old girl loves to play poptropica (and her piano)  and lives in New York City.


41 Responses to “About the Staff”

  1. seriousfox Says:

    a1130 please give me you’re information.

  2. Speedy Hawk Says:

    Please, me too. I’d love to be an author… (If I can help.)

  3. Speedy Hawk Says:

    Info: A boy that lives in awesome Tonga. It rocks!

    1. seriousfox Says:

      you’re added!

  4. seriousfox Says:

    ok i will try to add you.

  5. Speedy Hawk Says:

    I id dit!

  6. seriousfox Says:

    speedy hawk how do you unbold?

    1. Speedy Hawk Says:

      Press the bold button again. I’ll do it for you!

  7. seriousfox Says:

    Bony Melon and Green Bones i need you’re info.

  8. Bony Melon Says:

    Boy that likes poptropica and club penguin 11 year old..really funny

  9. seriousfox Says:

    i added it.

  10. seriousfox Says:

    a1130 i need you’re information.

  11. seriousfox Says:


    1. Speedy Hawk Says:

      idk where he went.

  12. Cool Wing Says:

    um can someone send me the staff page password?

    1. Speedy Hawk Says:

      It is in the drafts part of the site… DON’T APPROVE THE DRAFT!

  13. seriousfox Says:

    oops a1130 i accidentally made you a contributor.

    1. Speedy Hawk Says:

      🙄 Nice SeriousFox 😉

  14. Tii Says:

    I like your blog! Great job!!!

    1. a1130 Says:

      hey thanks!

      1. Tii Says:

        You’re welcome! Although it’s kinda late.

  15. blue shield Says:

    can i be AN AUTHOR seriousfox: i will add you.

    1. seriousfox Says:

      your added.

      1. Your blog is…AWESOME!!!!!

    2. Shifty Crush Says:

      Can I be one?

      (encoded binary)

      http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To_Text.asp – where I got it.


  16. Can I be one?

    Info: Poptrpoicalthunder: Is a girl that is 9. She loves Poptropica and Club Penguin, and lives in Houston, Texas. She loves Nickelodeon and comedy.

  17. seriousfox Says:

    i did.

  18. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i’ll have to have my dad to sighn in to do that…unfourtunatley. 🙄

  19. seriousfox Says:

    i added the information.

  20. Cool Wing Says:

    Um serious fox, do you think you could take me off cuz i have a lot of blogs and i’ll still help! No hard Feelings?

  21. seriousfox Says:

    ok how do i?

  22. Illinois? THAT is a COOL place! I visited there before! That is SO AWESOME!

  23. postopialucy/yellow hawk Says:

    Nice Job!! Hey SF. I always thought you were a 😳 around the age of a 12 year old Boy. As I read your information about you, I started blushing. Sorry Ser.Fox.!! Hope you forgive me!

    1. Can you give me the password to the Staff Only page?


      You know, because I am part of your WONDERFUL team. 😆

  24. seriousfox Says:

    i can’t tell you it through e-mail. I’ll just tell you and then unapprove the comment.

  25. seriousfox Says:

    acually i’ll post it then you check in drafts and you should see a post about the staff page password.

  26. seriousfox Says:

    ok acually go to seriousfox’s dashboard and look to the left and you should see recent drafts. click view all and you should see one that says staff password… click on it and it will tell you the staff password.

    Cheerful Goose: It says, “There are no drafts at the moment.”

  27. zippy hippo Says:

    can i be an author?if not,can you be an author on my site?or both?(option1.my email is poptropica500@hotmail.com.option2.tell me your email in ads central at http://poptropica500.wordpress.com/.option3.do option1 and 2.)

  28. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    what? Ok i’ll just ask Bunnydooper to e-mail it to you.

    1. I didn’t get the e-mail.

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