September 2009

Hey peeps SF here,i was wondering if you guys like me. Not like LOVE just as well…. friends. If you are wondering why i am asking  this question its because i was on the PHF chat and i’m going to tell the truth… i said SG was violent because he kept on talking about guns and that that i would not take it back….. and i’m sorry SG. Can you forgive me? Please? Its just that i was steaming mad and i wanted you to stop. I mean, sometimes I just explode in anger and say mean stuff. So any way does anybody like me?


Hey guys! Sorry i wasn’t commenting as much. I was grounded from computer. I know i know i’m only seven. But still,i can get grounded sometimes. At first i thought i was grounded FOREVER, but here i am! so if anyone’s crying becuase they think i’m gone, STOP! Because i am BACK!     here’s an example: before: 😥    after: 🙂      YAY!


Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day BBQLabor Day 1Labor Day 2Labor Day TypingLabor Day BeachLabor Day ParadeLabor Day 2Sorry if I’m not posting much, I’m busy with school.

I’ve decided to do the work instead of the contest…I figured that It will take some time since our blog isn’t much popular. We hope it gets popular soon but in the mean time enjoy our new header!


I was browsing my stuff and I noticed this!…


Hi everyone! I didn’t want you all to think I was gone, so I left A short Post! btw (I had to make a new account for the stupid ads!)

New Adventures out in Poptropica! The first is about the new movie release on DVD called Bedknobs and Broomsticks and another one from the new upcoming movie in theaters ”Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” (based on the book.) Both adventures located on different islands for ages 6 -12.


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