Guys! There is a new RARE outfit which is the golden renegade robot! It has a cool effect and if it expires and you have it you will have had a RARE costume! It expires in two days so buy it today! This is our very first limited edition in the store! If you press the spacebar it’s eyes will turn red and it’ll shoot out a blue laser out of it’s golden gun!

Creator Posting: Shark Boy Title:Renegade Robot-Limited Edition!  Description:We’ve just released a new Limited Edition card in our store!     This RARE outfit will only be available until Aug 16, 2009. Speaking of rare things there used to be a glitch where you could costumize the cat and dog from Spy Island! Sadly, this glitch doesn’t work anymore so now the people who have any items of the dog or cat have something that is rare! Note: the glitch was found by Blue Shield.