hey guys guess what! I met Smockers! I couldn’t show you a picture but i was looking at the comments in the Poptropica Help Blog chatroom and Smockers came! If you’d like to know his poptropica name he is White Boa. We had a great party even though he and Golden Eagle beat me at Soupwords! I met lots of poptropicans! There is also a new post. It is about Summer Store Fun! They will be adding new things to the store every week of the summer! Unfortunately, my dad said that there are five more weeks of summer till school!

Title: Summer Store Fun! Creator Posting: Shark Boy Description:we will be releasing new store items every week during the summer!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              For this week we’ve added two new items: Multiverse and a new Astronaut outfit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         As many of you know the Creators visited some of your Multiverse rooms. It was really Cool chatting and battling with many of you, but sadly a few of you totally destroyed us at some of the games… Ouch!      That suit up there is the new astronaut outfit! It is really boring. only the lights on the helmet goes on. I was thinking it would float or something, but it is still cool!  Also don’t forget to check the post below about the new advertisment!         seriousfox out.