July 2009

i am sure this is a Reality TV sneak peek. Well when i saw this post at first i couldn’t see the butterfly but now i do! It is my favorite color! Yellow! You can also see through it! That reminds me! The prices in the Poptropica Store have gone even lower! Hip Hip Horray! A lot of good things are happening!

Creator posting: Comic Kid    Title: Bug Collecting   Description: While i am traveling the world of Poptropica taking pictures and drawing cartoons, I also search for rare bugs to add to my bug collection. It looks like Comic Kid is collecting bugs huh?


Hey guess what? The prices have changed back to normal! So have wordpress smilies! see? 🙄 🙂 😦 😡 :mrgreen: 😡 😈 👿 sorry i couldn’t show the pictures of the prices.

First when you land in Early Poptropica go down the pit. Find your way down and get the prized porker. Then get out of the pit. Go right and talk to one of the guys standing near the pigpen. Tell them you found the pig. Then go down the well. From the well, jump to a green plank. Then go to another plank. Keep jumping until u find the glowstick. Then go out of the well. Now go left. U r back in main street. Now go down the pit. Then from the bottom of the pit, go left. There is a secret passage. Go through it. Now find the golden egg. Once you found it, go out of the pit. (it’s hard though) Now you are in Poptropica Towers. Jump from tower to tower until you get to the blue building with the chairs and tables on the roof of it. Climb up the vine. Give the golden egg to the giant. Then go right. Keep going until you get to Aircraft Graveyard. Get the water bucket and the jet pack. Put on the jetpack and fly back to Main Street. Then fly up to the water tower. Get the  flag. Go right and give the stuff back to the 2 guys. A ship comes. Jump on the ship, click on the guy and he gives you the medal. You finish.

(this post is a first draft. If I said anything wrong we will edit this.)

Sup guys this is a1130 aka andy!!! (you probably know my real name is andrew) I am a new author here I hope u like me! I will be posting walkthroughs!!!

(I was just testing this post via email 😆

Seriousfox Is an author on my blog! My blog is poptropicaforever.wordpress.com.

bad news everybody,the creators doubled up the prices in the Poptropica Store 😦 ,we need  to go on strike! but TRIPLE doubling  the prices would be very very very very very bad. 😯 Oh, and wordpress changed the smilies. THEY ARE HORRIBLE! and 🙄 doesn’t even look like someone rolling their eyes! They don’t even move! that stinks like poo. he he. Get it? *sigh* nevermind. but i like the sad emote. 🙂

hi every one its tall wolf i am a new author on this blog!  i hope you like me!

bye everyone

There is a new item in the Poptropica and it is an all new Vanishing item!   Cool huh!

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