June 2009

I hate you  Binary Bard,you make my life so hard, 😦  😡 you’re a Hacker,a NASTY one, 😡 i wish i could pour HOT soup on your face,oh Binary Bard you are the worst jester 😡 ever,you somtimes make me lose my temper, 😡 you better STOP hacking blogs OR ELSE  👿 you are an evil TWISTED jester. 😡


Hey Guys it Cool Wing Here. Serious Fox Just let me be an Author so maybe see you in poptropica sometime!

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attention commenters! There is a hacker on the loose! It is Binary Bard! we have to come up with many ideas to stop him!    so i want many comments with ideas! we are the Feirce Foxes! (FF) but also participate in the Thunder Team! (TT)

ok someone changed the theme. It was Speedy Hawk! Thanks Speedy Hawk! And i am happy about it! i love this theme! Thanks to whoever changed it! by the way a new staff page is added! don’t forget to e-mail me! But wait! e-mail another account of mine!


Looks like Binary Bard finnally came out of space!

" When I'm not in space trying to take over the universe I still have to get around somehow."
Micheal Jackson Died the other day 😦  RIP Micheal!

hey guys there are yet new costumes that the creators are working on but they are not out yet. They both look freaky!     creator posting:Shark Boy   Title:New Outfits and More-Coming Soon!   description:We are busy creating tons of new stuff for poptropica, and here are two new outfits you’ll soon be able to purchase in the Poptropica Store!         Freaky huh?

This is what Comic Kid Has To Say!

Last week I went for a hike into the hills of a strange island, and this is what I saw. I was so hungry from my travels and the eggs looked so good, but I didn’t think the seagull would like it if I “borrowed” an egg for my lunch!

What Adventures Will Comic Kid get up to Next

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