Yes, I’m back… and hello! The creators recently created a new blog post. “Someone help Hades!” He has like stuff on him.


“I need a gym” Hades explains.

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hey guys, well I can tell you that the good news is, Reality TV is out.  The bad news is… ITS ONLY FOR MEMBERS. Members: 🙂 Nonmembers: 😥 😡 👿 I know how you nonmembers feel… but i found out… the membership (in my opinion) is for nothing.It’s useless. Because,i mean,it’s gonna expire anyway. Right? And all your items are gonna be lost when it’s been six months,(which was brainless for the  creators). I think the creators ate cuckoo cereal for breakfast :mrgreen:  Take  that creators… anyway i’ve got a post from the Creator’s Blog. Title:  Get the Midas Touch! Ooooh the power to turn everything to GOLD! 🙂 But i’ve read the story of king Midas (i think he was a king) and no way Midas touch… must… get.. all.. that… GOLD!!!! THE POWER TO TURN THINGS TO GOLD WOOT!

Today on my adventures I was especially hungry so i searched high and low for a bite to eat. Luckily for me this new island had a great eating establishment. Is that fish i see?! Now THAT is a meal fit for a God! Especially the Lord.

I don’t know who allowed access to this cave but this area is obviously unstable and they didn’t even offer me a hard hat. Besides,whst is that weird,green thing in the water?

We’ve just released a new “magician” outfit in the store! This outfit has a few fun surprises…and facial hair : )

Hi guys! Since a commenter gave me this advice: more posts = more comments,and i found this out myself: more posts and comments = more hits. So,i’m gonna try to make more posts! Hope that works,and if it does,i’d like to thank the commenter who gave me  advice! Also,the V-day contest is OVER! and since nobody entered,nobody won! Now its ok with me,because like i said in the rules: you DON’T have to compete,so im not 😡 or 👿 about it. I also want to say,the Creators have a new post:Title: Get Real! The new Reality TV island is now available early with Poptropica membership! If you don’t have membership,Reality TV will still be out and FREE for everyone on March 24th!

hey guys, seriousfox here. I just want to post that pink stuff have come out on the Poptropica Store.  As you see,  you can wear the heart as a costume, in many colors! Wait….. ORANGE? wow. There is also a Love Potion which makes another poptropican have hearts coming out of their head. I gotta say, pretty cool. I’m still surprised you can wear an ORANGE heart.